Curriculum & Instruction

Welcome to the Sparta Curriculum and Instruction website.  There are many changes taking in education today and each and every one impacts the children of the Sparta Area School District and the State of Wisconsin.

So what are these changes?  Let's take a look:

  • State adopted Common Core Mathematics and English/Language Arts Standards

  • Soon to be adopted new Next Generation Science Standards

  • A new state-wide test called Smarter Balance which will replace the WKCE Math and Reading tests.

  • A new standards based report card will be rolled out.  Required of all students in all grades by 2018.  Sparta will begin the process by implementing the new card next fall in grades Kindergarten through grade 5.

As you can see these will have a direct impact on what is taught and how it will be taught.  There are other changes that will shape how teachers and administrators are evaluated as well other assessments that will be given in addition to the Smarter Balanced Assessment.

Please check out the website.  We think as you walk through it, you will see many new things on your way through.  You may contact sites under construction from time to time and for that we apologize in advance.

Thank you

Tom Steward

Director of Instructional Services

Resources for Curriculum and Assessment

The information that is shared below is intended to help all educators to better understand and use the vast amount of information available in Curriculum and Instruction. A seperate tool is the link to numerous assessment options for educators. This tool provides options to select assessments that might better prepare students for upcoming tests or for determining classroom, school-wide and even district growth.