School Report Cards

All Sparta Area School District Schools large enough to receive a 2014 public school report card from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction met or exceeded expectations set by the State. The District remains committed to improvement and to meeting the needs of all students. Our goal is to significantly exceed all expectations, however, State Superintendent Tony Evers explains that the report cards released today, Tuesday, Sept. 16, are not intended to measure everything that "people value in their schools, such as extracurriculars, such as music, art, and physical education, such as career and technical education." While standing behind the report card as an "important" way of communicating about critical pieces relating to student achievement, growth, and the achievement gap, Evers said, "I'm encouraging parents and community members to really take a look at all the things they value in the school" when making their own judgments about how a school is doing. "In addition," he said, "the report card is really for one purpose - and that is to identify what is good practice in school districts, and what schools are struggling, not so we can punish them: so that we can find ways to help them continue to improve."


Sparta Area School District  Administrator John Hendricks said "The report cards released today provide a wealth of information about schools and districts, beyond the overall  accountability score. It is important for the public to examine student demographic information and trends, especially when comparing results across the state."



Please follow this link to see the District and individual school report cards and to access additional information about the State's school accountability system.