The Sparta Area School District contracts with Lamers Bus Lines to provide busing for home-to-school and co-curricular transportation. Please contact them directly for assistance at (608) 366-1925 or

Lamers provides home-to-school transporation based on policy adopted by the school board.

The forms below can be printed off and used for transportation. Two full work days are required during the year for changes to take place. Please wait for confirmation from Lamers before attempting to use transportation.

Regular Home-To-School Transportation Form
For students who qualify for transportation based on Board of Education Policy requirements for distance or district's designated hazard area.

Shuttle Request Form
Is available for in-town service between designated stops within the City of Sparta. There is routed service available to K-5 students only between certain school locations. There is also afternoon dropoff service for students in Grades 3 to 8 participating in activities at the Boys and Girls' Club. Forms requesting this service should be dropped off at the Club as verification of participation is required.

The morning pickup location may differ from afternoon dropoff location. However, the stops must be consistent each day of the week.

Internal Use Only:
Internal Bus or Van Request Form (Field Trips)
Complete and return to building secretary to submit requests for field trips and/or extra-curricular trips as soon as possible, but no later than one week prior to the trip.