Nutrition Services Program Mission and Goals

"The Sparta Area School District believes that a healthy, well-nourished and physically active child is better prepared to learn."

Roasted VeggiesNutrition Services Goal Statements
  1. Provide nutritionally balanced breakfast, lunch and snack choices to our students that will help promote academic excellence for all children.
  2. Educate students, families and the school community to the importance of developing healthy eating habits and active lifestyles.
  3. Provide exceptional customer service that will exceed our customer's expectations.
  4. Meet challenges both creatively and professionally, choosing to be part of the solution.



"The Sparta Area School District will ensure all students a high quality educational experience and skills relevant to the 21st century."

Sparta Area School District Goal StatementsSandwich
  1. Develop a solid foundation in core academic learning.
  2. Students of all ability levels will have diverse, quality educational experiences.
  3. Motivate, challenge and engage all students in the learning process.
  4. Develop in all students the skills required to be successful in the 21st century.
  5. Foster relationships that promote a responsible and caring environment within our district.
  6. Encourage the development of personal responsibility for family, community and the world.