Sparta High Point School


High Point Charter School

201 E. Franklin St., Sparta, WI 54656

(608) 269-3151



We believe that all students want to be successful. We also believe that they can accomplish this with a caring, compassionate staff, a supportive environment, a school with a strong, respectful community, and a flexible, yet challenging curriculum.

Mission Statement

We will create strong, positive relationships with our students and provide a nurturing, inclusive environment that emphasizes student driven learning, uses project-based learning that is relevant and meaningful to our students' lives, promotes learning using inquiry, and recognizes the importance of helping children "learn how to learn" while integrating the skills necessary for their futures.

Our mission is to serve students who:

  • wish to take control of their education.
  • are highly motivated and tenacious learners.
  • need to learn differently.
  • have strengths that aren't recognized in a traditional classroom.
  • may not function well in a traditional classroom because of learning style, social behavior, or physical appearance.